Our Philosophy


Ginger Bread House is based on a desire to offer children and parents home-like quality childcare services. It is our goal to facilitate a child’s transition from the family circle to the larger social circle, and to provide an enjoyable introduction into the educational learning process. We base our program on the premise that a child grows and develops at his/her own rate, but by providing the proper stimulating environment that growth and development will be enhanced. We strive to provide a program to challenge a child’s physical and intellectual abilities, to stimulate curiosity, and to promote self-expression. In these ways, we feel that we are encouraging a child to become a productive person.

Each child is a unique individual with unique needs and contributions. It is our responsibility to recognize and meet these needs and to encourage and respect a child’s contributions. In turn, it is important that children learn to respect each other and work together in harmony within the environment.

Environmentally, it is our responsibility to provide a clean, safe facility in which a child feels secure to explore and comfortably express him/herself. We strongly believe that the environment sets the stage for the child guidance policy. Well-equipped, varied, and stimulating atmosphere can circumvent unacceptable child-to-child interactions. In addition, by providing the proper environment, staff members are able to redirect children to other activities before potential problems occur. When disputes are inevitable, however, children will be encouraged to use proper problem-solving techniques.

We at Ginger Bread House want the best for our children. We want to guide our young children to help them to become productive members of society. Our goal is to foster a sense of commitment and respect for the environment and for each other within each child. We will strive to encourage children to be resourceful and to develop a sense of pride and independence within themselves. We hope through our program to teach children skills which will enable them to meet the challenges of their adult lives.

Our Education Policy

This policy has been developed to insure that the educational program of Ginger Bread House meets the developmental needs of the children as well as provides opportunities to learn new skills and concepts.

Learning is an on-going process. It is the responsibility of the teacher to take advantage of any situation which could provide an opportunity to learn. It is also the responsibility of the teacher to understand the physical, intellectual, and developmental capabilities of the children being taught. Specific activities will be planned by the teacher to reflect these capabilities. It is the responsibility of the Director with the cooperation of the Assistant Director to provide a rich array of material and equipment to compliment the developmental characteristics of the children.

Each teacher and, if applicable, assistant teacher will provide weekly lesson plans to the Assistant Director for approval. Lesson plans will be prepared during scheduled preparation time.

We plan by themes. Each year staff will discuss and plan out the themes for the next year during a staff meeting or by written feedback. Individual lesson plans will address the weekly theme.

Developmental areas will provide for:

  1. Social interaction
  2. Creative expression
  3. Self-expression and communication skills
  4. Large and small muscle development
  5. Intellectual growth
  6. Self-esteem and positive self-image
  7. Cultural diversity

Ginger Bread House is not affiliated with any religious organizations and does not provide religious training.

Teachers will communicate with parents on a daily basis regarding their child’s adjustment to the program. This may be done verbally in person, on the phone, or in writing.



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